Grab Your Copy of I FEEL By Sabrina Francis!

Looking for some new uplifting music? I’ve got just the thing…
I’m giving away a handful of my CDs as a gift to the world!
Just cover the shipping, pay what you want, and I’ll send it right to your door!

I’m Sabrina Francis, a small island girl from the West Indies. My upbringing was very understated and my main form of entertainment was the music my family and I made together, which has developed into a second language for me and a tool for coping with life and sharing positive energy with my listeners.

My music has many inspirations, but pulls mainly from traditional African styles, R&B, singer/songwriter styles and you don’t have to listen too closely in order to find my Caribbean roots as well.

I’ve been singing all my life, first with my family at home and eventually with lots of hard work and growth, I now grace my own stage. In November of 2021 I toured the UK and I plan to return this year. So I’d like to introduce you to some of my music, which comes together on my album ‘I Feel’. You can pay whatever you want for it! Even $0.00. Really, believe me, any amount of support is very much appreciated.


I Feel CD! (Pay What You Want)

Track List

  1. I’m Awake
  2. Karma Won’t Forgive Us
  3. Carry On
  4. Still A Ways To Go
  5. I Feel
  6. Free
  7. Run 
  8. Mama Say
  9. Papamani
  10. Inevitable

A $15 Dollar Value yours today for whatever you see fit!

Grab Your Copy of I FEEL By Sabrina Francis!