so you want to host a..

Kitchen Concert

I'm touring the UK from the 20th of March to the 20th of April and in between my regular shows I want to get up close and personal with my peeps. So I present ..

'Sabrina’s Kitchen Concerts"

My band and I can come to your home and we play for you and your friends and family a 30 minute set, an intimate, acoustic performance. It can be in your kitchen, your living room, in your garden, on your roof, wherever you see fit and can accommodate us and your guests!

what we need

• an audience of 15-30 people

• space big enough to host band and audience (band needs about 10'x10')

• 230V outlet

• food and drinks for 5 musicians

• parking space for band van

• donation jar

what you get

• 30 minute live acoustic performance with Sabrina Francis and band (5 total musicians)

• we'll bring all necessary instruments/

• a video for you to provide to all guests of sabrina describing what you can expect