Meet Me at the Mango Tree
Summer of 2024

I am Sabrina Francis, an independent singer/songwriter from Grenada. Together with my team, we embarked on a unique venture – the creation of a novel performance experience known as ‘Meet Me At The Mango Tree.’

In this immersive audio journey, we’ve deliberately minimized the use of visuals to provide an intimate, personal, and deeply engaging musical encounter, amplified further by the use of headphones.

‘Meet Me At The Mango Tree’ upholds the tradition of storytelling, utilizing sounds and songs as the exclusive medium to convey powerful narratives and emotions.

In a world where we’re often overstimulated, there’s an urgent need to reshape the spaces that impact our mental health.

We set out to create an experience where all that’s asked of you is to close your eyes, quiet the rest of the world, and just listen. We’ll share a story about a broken promise and the incredible healing power of music

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