Thank you for coming. Grab a comfy seat.
I am going to walk you through each song, adding special insight where
necessary, so you can have a well rounded impression of my new album
‚I Feel’

Independent artistes need to be able to be creative on a budget.
We need to always find new ways to get a beautiful message
across, in a beautiful way without completely destroying the bank.
The key? Simplicity. That’s right, like a simple white t-shirt and
jeans, or a little black dress, it works, people get it, and it looks
good. That’s the kind of simplicity I went for here.
Check this out!

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I FEEL is my second album. I tried more things out this time, I was
less shy when letting my co-workers know what I wanted,
mainly because I actually knew what I wanted lol.
So everyone around me was significantly less stressed out,
key word LESS, because stress never left but it could’ve been SO
much worse.

I couldn’t get through one day of it without my hardworking team,
One such person, is the oh so patient, Samuel Baur (Sami),
a producer from Switzerland, who was tasked to mix,
but ended up doing much more, even playing some congas at a few
points. Get you a Sami in your life. Someone who would go above
and beyond to see you win!

Easter Eggs

I will be hiding a few Easter eggs in the text,
listen to the songs carefully, because one of
the lyrics will show up in the text. If you are vigilant
enough to uncover it, you might earn yourself an
additional treat:) So pay close attention!